Kollmorgen motion solutions used in fight against COVID-19

Radford, VA – Kollmorgen is playing a critical role in the global fight against COVID-19. Its global production facilities are fully operational, including those in Radford which are CURRENTLY HIRING for a number of positions, and are producing motion solutions that are used by essential equipment manufacturers around the world.

Kollmorgen motion solutions are being used in the manufacturing of respirators and other personal protective equipment, test kits, diagnostic machines, ventilators, blood-gas analyzers, blood pumps, CT scanning equipment, and more. All of these products are essential to the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 and its complications.

Beyond healthcare, many other Kollmorgen partners that provide essential services – from aerospace and defense, to food production and packaging, automated warehousing of critical household supplies, and energy and communications, to name a few — depend on a reliable supply of its components.

Its design teams and manufacturing facilities are responding with urgency to dozens of requests to accelerate design cycles, increase production, and speed delivery for the motion systems that directly fight COVID-19 and keep essential services continuing for people who need them the most.

As Kollmorgen helps its partners defeat this pandemic and provide for essential needs around the world, its number-one priority remains the well-being of its employees and their loved ones. Kollmorgen is scrupulously following best-practice safety recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO), national health organizations, and other local government agencies.

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