Community “pays it forward” through Red Rooster Coffee campaign

Floyd, VA – On March 20, 2020 Red Rooster Coffee launched an online campaign to help its employees while giving back to a local food bank. The impacts of the COVID-19 on its business had been quick and dramatic. Red Rooster Coffee had seen its wholesale demand drop by over half in just 4 days, and expected it to plummet even further as the global pandemic intensified.

As they were coming to grips with the economic realities facing their business, Red Rooster Coffee learned that the local food bank in Floyd, Plenty!, was becoming overwhelmed by increased demand. This sparked an idea to create a win/win situation for them and their community.

The idea, Red Rooster Rooster asked their customers to donate $10 so that they could keep their staff employed making healthy meals that would be delivered to the Plenty! food bank twice a week. The meals would be made through their cafe with each one costing only $10 to make. The meals would be the same as what their customers would normally order; made from fresh vegetables from local farms and other delicious ingredients.

The Win/Win campaign received an immediate outpouring of support. Within the first 48 hours, its customers and friends donated over $12,000; enough to make 1,277 meals for the hungry and to keep its staff busy for at least two to three weeks. A Win/Win!

If you are interested in supporting the Win/Win campaign, CLICK HERE.

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