Christiansburg is 2nd Best City to Live in Virginia

Christiansburg is 2nd Best City to Live in Virginia

Christiansburg, VA – Christiansburg is ranked as the second best city to live in Virginia by

CreditDonkey scored the cities in Virginia based on:
  • Odds of being a victim of a violent crime
  • Commute time
  • Income
  • Residents who attended some college
  • Restaurants per capita
  • Only cities with an average commute of 30 minutes or less were included.

    Christiansburg’s scores were:
  • Odds of being a victim of a violent crime: 1 in 709
  • Commute time: 19.1 minutes
  • Income: $50,276
  • Residents who attended some college: Bachelor’s Degree or higher 33.6%
  • Restaurants per capita: 1 per 316 inhabitants
  • The atmosphere of Christiansburg was described as “progressive small town living at its best”.

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    Virginia’s New River Valley: Virginia’s New River Valley is an eclectic mix of interconnected small towns that each offer their own unique vibe and appeal. The region provides an abundance of cultural and social offerings due to the presence of three world-class universities, while retaining the charm and benefits of small town living. The NRV is home to a diverse and innovative business community with companies that range from high-tech startups to foreign-based corporations to specialty agribusiness. These organizations benefit from the collaborative spirit of our region and a loyal, highly-skilled, and educated workforce. The scenic beauty of the region also fosters a deep connection to nature, which is deepened by access to outdoor recreation and the preservation of our natural environment. It’s clear why Virginia’s New River Valley is “A Natural Fit.”

    Onward NRV: Onward NRV is a public/private, regional economic development organization whose mission is to attract and retain world class jobs, investment, and talent in Virginia’s New River Valley. It’s also a movement where leaders from business, government, and higher education work together to promote the economic vitality of the region.

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    1. Bobbie Lemley williams
      Bobbie Lemley williams says:

      I think Christiansburg is a GREAT place to live, having lived all but roughly 7 years in Pilot, VA, exactly 10 miles from the town square. My Dad, Col. John. E. Lemley, became Christiansburg’s 1st town manager in Sept. 1,1956, UNtil Aug. 31, 1996, retiring after 40 years of service(being the only town manager to stay in 1 town in va for 40 years), a record in the VA municipal league, of which he was president one year & I believe he held another OFFICE. Also serving on many commeeties involving both the town & county in growth & working together. He GENERATED 2 key annexes, especially the one that incorporated the land of the Nrv mall & most/all of the strip MALLS. He loved this town, & did his best to keep taxes & all town costs to a minimum each year at budget time. He had such great help w/all of those that SERVEd on the town COUNCIL, as Mayor’s, Police Chief’s, & also served by both the town police & Mont. Co. Deputy’s. He also appreciated every employee that worked for the town. He joined the CHBG fire dept. When he 1st came here, as I used to have a picture of me getting into his turned down boots, later becoming a life or honour member of the Fire Dept. Another thing this town is known for, is the great fire & rescue DEPT’S that we haveI all ready to go out on a call, whether that be doing the middle of the night, the daytime w/many businesses letting their employees leave & go on a call, especially if several rescue calls all come in around the same time. I am proud of all of the businesses that let the crew members to leave their jobs to go on a rescue call. You never know when you may need the rescue &/or fire dept.
      I believe the population when he was choosen to become the town manager, was around 1500 or 3000. I believe it was the 1st, & then After I was born & time it grew to 3000, & a steady rate of people settling in this wonderful town.. Now, I believe it is around 17,000. A nice size of a Town that can offer a wide range of things to do, for all ages & disabilities being a part of the New River Valley, access to a whole lot in a 30 to 50 mile range all around Christiansburg, VA. Great opportunities for all, in nature, beginning to advancements IN education, culture in history, the arts of painting, music, THEATRICS, sports of all types from running, football, basketball, both softball & baseball, gymnastics, tap & ballet, drag racing & even those that want to get into NASCAR, can gain that experience & practise at “The motor mile Speedway & dragstrip & so many MORE competitive sports, especially being proud on the Olympic size indoor, multiple pools for Olympic, collegiate, & Lower levels of swim meets; diving spring board & platform, kids splash area & most important to me a heated therapy pool kept a little warmer do those w/arthritis, & so many other places that offer in for sports or play = trampolines, rock climbing; bowling; I believe a roller skating rink, & oh so many other things, to numerous to LIST. Something for EVERYONE, including the beautiful fall change of the COLORs of the leaves. So many places to see spectacular views of all the changing colors, in all of the neg including the blue Ridge Parkway to drive on, have a picnic lunch, Mabry mill, & also the Appalachian trail for those that like to spend a long time walking/hiking among nature. Again, so many opertunities for almost everything you could want to see or find to do.


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