The people here are real, the successes are earned, and the opportunities are shared. The New River Valley is at once organic and innovative, technical and agriculture, artistic and scientific. The workforce is dedicated, passionate, and unapologetic. People choose to live and work here and it is not hard to see why. It’s simply “A Natural Fit.”

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Technology Jobs

With over 80 companies in software development, cybersecurity, IT support, and digital creative, the New River Valley is an emerging hub for technology.

Manufacturing Jobs

With 161 companies, over 12,000 jobs, and a variety of training programs in the New River Valley, there are ample opportunities to find the career you want.

Healthcare Jobs

Improve the health and wellbeing of the New River Valley community with a job in one of the many healthcare facilities in the region.

Accounting + Finance Jobs

Find a career in the New River Valley where you can use your talents and skills to help people and businesses be more successful.

Construction + Architecture Jobs

The New River Valley is growing and needs professionals to literally help build it; from housing to downtown infrastructure, there is a project for you.

Education Jobs

Opportunities in education are abundant in the New River Valley with Virginia Tech, Radford University, and the New River Valley Community College.

Human Resources Jobs

Help connect people who choose to live and work in the New River Valley with a career that is meaningful.

Marketing + Sales Jobs

Express your creativity in the New River Valley where each individual’s unique experience is celebrated.

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