Meld training program

MELD Manufacturing Announces New Operator Training Course

CHRISTIANSBURG, VA – MELD Manufacturing Corporation has launched a new training program that will give participants certification in operating MELD machinery. The 4-day courses will be hosted at MELD’s headquarters in Christiansburg, VA and attendees will receive both hands-on machine training and classroom instruction led by experts in the technology.

MELD training course

MELD Manufacturing Corporation’s patented and award-winning technology is a unique no-melt process for the additive manufacturing, repairing, coating, and joining of metals and metal matrix composites. The training course will review the history of how MELD was developed and provide participants with a deeper understanding of its material compatibility, application capabilities, and other properties.

Participants will also be instructed on identifying required machine settings for the wide range of metals compatible with the technology and be taken through each step of the MELD process, from digital print file creation to deposition.

“This program creates certified MELDers and delivers the capacity to integrate and innovate with MELD,” said MELD Manufacturing Corporation CEO Nanci Hardwick. “Our customers have raved about the elegance of the MELD process and the ease of training. We’re excited to offer more of these opportunities.”

Class sizes will be very limited to ensure the maximum amount of hands-on machine time for each attendee. At the end of the sessions, participants will receive a certificate demonstrating their ability to operate MELD machinery.

Visit for class details and registration for remaining openings.


MELD Manufacturing Corporation holds more than a dozen patents for MELD™ technology, an innovative process for additive manufacturing, coating, joining, and repairing metals and metal matrix composites. MELD™ offers the power to build parts in solid state, thereby avoiding the issues associated with melting. The technology is also open-atmosphere, meaning no special vacuums or chambers are needed for operation. The MELD™ equipment is scalable and can produce parts much larger than similar processes. MELD Manufacturing Corporation offers MELD machines sales, contract manufacturing, and consulting services. Learn more at


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