City of Radford

The City of Radford is a small independent city that has a symbiotic relationship with Radford University and its students. Radford if the only city in the region, but that’s not to say the residents don’t know each other. The city is home to 200 acres of riverfront and four parks: Bisset, Sunset, Wildwood, and Riverview. Combined with the flowing New River, these parks allow residents to take part in many outdoor activities, which help to keep the community close. With 40+ restaurants, there is plenty to do and good food to eat on Radford’s walkable main street add to the enumerable ways to stay entertained in the city.

What Makes the City of Radford Special

Radford University

Radford University is consistently on top. Highlander Men’s Soccer just clinched the 2016 Big South Tournament Championship and there are even 10 former Highlanders playing professional baseball in 2017. This top-knotch university is cultural hub for the City of Radford and consistently produces graduates ready to enter the workforce with skill and confidence.

Bisset Park

Bisset Park has it all. Running wholly along the New River, this beautiful park has courts, fields, and shelters for games and gatherings of any kind. Plus, local companies like Tangent Outfitters make floating, kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding the river easier than ever.

Things to Do


  1. Radford Craft and Draft
  2. Radford Highlanders Festival
  3. New River Valley Jamboree

Stay Active

  1. Bisset Park
  2. Radford Mountain Bike Park
  3. The New River

Food & Drink

  1. Radford Coffee Co.
  2. Latinos Taste
  3. Sharkey’s


  1. Garrett’s Menswear Depot
  2. Meg’s Specialty Womenswear
  3. Lamour’s Boutique

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